Set a new standard for your organisation

Easy to use

HRCore is designed to be super responsive and intuitive

Choose your privacy settings

Choose who sees what with custom privacy

Always updated

Data is constantly updated so everyone works off the latest data

Administrative Dashboard

Manage multiple accounts and administrative privileges to quickly set global organisation settings

Auto employee onboarding

On board new employees within minutes

Employee self-serve

Let employees manage their own user accounts and be responsible for keeping their data current

Set manager permissions

Choose which employee or manager has access to privileged information

Document centre

Store important files electronically in PDF in the secure and 128 bit encrypted online vault

Fixed asset registry

Record inventory tags against employee profiles and keep track of which employee has what

Custom cost centres

Group employees into teams and assign cost centres, enabling tracking of segregated costs

Reporting & analytics

Slice and dice data from attrition to average length of tenure and gender ratio

Delegate user permissions

Delegate an assistant or another employee to approve and update data in your place



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